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記憶のいれもの / メモリー・アミュレット

旅の中で湧いてきた気持ちや感情をどうすれば記憶できるだろう?「記憶のいれもの / メモリーアミュレット」は、瞬間の本質を内に秘め、独特なものに強く心動かされたとき、その湧き溢れる思いを捉えるよう設計された。日記と旅するようにこれを旅の友に。これを手にし、肌身離さずに身につけることで、時間や空間を越えた万華鏡のような記憶の破片が浮かび上がってくる。

それぞれの記憶のいれもの は多くの瞬間で溢れていて、それは自然の中の小石や花、枝などで形成されている。彼らを包む要素は常に見えるものばかりでない。フィンランドの森の苔生した岩や葉から、様々な自然環境を巡った体験を集め、日本の海岸に到達するまで海に溶け込んだ水滴を集める。


この屋根の下、彼らを集め制作し、作り直すことは、今この瞬間、私がここに存在することを表す術である。作品が次の空間へ、次の誰かへと旅を続けることは、私の記憶の一部も一緒に運ばれてゆくということ。そう、それはもう私だけのものではなく、開花した記憶のいれもの /メモリーアミュレットとなる。
Memory Amulets

How to remember the spirits and sensations that arise within a journey? Memory Amulets are designed to contain the essence of a moment, and capture the sentiments that arise when being moved by something unique. Travel with one as you would a diary. Hold them or wear them close to your skin, and set aside some time and space to convene with them, and contribute to their kaleidoscopic memory-fragments. 
Each amulet is full of moments, synthesised into natural forms like tiny pebbles, flowers, and branches. They comprise elements that are not always visible, formed through collecting experiences that traverse different natural environments, from the mossy rocks and leaves of the Finnish forests, collecting droplets that melt into seas and oceans until reaching the Japanese shore. 
In their centre is stillness, a pocket of breath. 
I bring amulets to the shore, and watching the water breath, I think about those mixing memories moving through the water-mind, collecting complexity as they journey. They drift, float, and are shaped by the touch of the waves which rub away at their exterior, revealing flashes of other knowledges, and glimpses into the potential of what is under the surface. 
Collecting, making, and remaking the amulets, and bringing them together under this roof, are ways for me to be present in this moment and in this place. Once the pieces continue their journey to the next space, or against the next body, they carry with them a part of me which is no longer just myself or my memories, but a blossoming memory amulet.
This exhibition is made possible with the support of Taike and Grafia.
Text assistance Katie Lenanton
Translation Miica Fran
Special thanks Ayano Honda and Rodolfo Rocha