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Babi Brasileiro is a hands-on visual designer whose current research hovers around channelling and manipulating memories into tangible forms. From self-publishing to porcelain, her lived experiences working and studying in the distinctive contexts of Sao Paulo, Helsinki, and Tokyo have shaped her multi-disciplinary worldview. Her MA studies in Aalto University provided her with the space to explore how to represent the intersections between visual design and visual arts, aestheticising and making hazy the connections that arise when pursuing content-driven narrative constructions. 
She recently devised a solo exhibition based on her time at Tama Art University for Helsinki’s Kalleria Art Space, and has subsequently built upon this research with projects at The National Museum of Finland and concept store/gallery Lokal. She has also been refining and experimenting with ceramic, printing, typography, and book-binding techniques, to make visual her diaristic and autobiographical rememberings. 

Text assistance Katie Lenanton
Translation Miica Fran
Special thanks to Ayano Honda and Rodolfo Rocha